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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trades Wallet® ?

Trades Wallet® is a secure, online certification management solution designed to ensure worksite compliance and increase productivity.

Our solution manages the various credentials an organization needs to verify their workforce is trained, qualified and certified to operate safely on your worksites. From safety cards to trades certificates, the credentials for an entire workforce can be securely submitted, stored, managed and shared with key stakeholders from anywhere at any time.

Who can benefit from using Trades Wallet® ?

Unions and/or organizations who manage credentials on behalf of their workforce

For Unions or organizations looking for a comprehensive yet easy to use solution for managing trades and safety tickets, Trades Wallet® gives you the power, control and customization your organization needs to manage the credentials for your workforce online.

Our web and mobile capabilities help to streamline and create efficiencies within existing processes, while our feature functionality facilitates increased compliancy and accountability by ensuring the information you need is always at your fingertips – from anywhere at any time.

Organizations who rely on resources from Unions or organizations who are using Trades Wallet® to manage credentials online

If you rely on resources from Unions or organizations who are using Trades Wallet® to manage the credentials for their workforce online, Trades Wallet® provides some significant advantages:

  • 24/7 ‘read-only’ access to view employee credentials and competencies online
  • Pre-qualify employees in advance of their arrival on your job sites
  • Export a pdf copy of the cards actively managed within an employees Trades Wallet® for your files – really handy during shutdowns!

We also offer an enhanced plan for employers, that provides more control over the way you engage with the data available for your employees with advanced functionality and reporting tools.

For more information about our Plans & Pricing, visit our FAQs below or click here.

Trades People & Employees (“Wallet Holders”)

Trades Wallet® was designed specifically with “Wallet holders” in mind. A ‘Wallet holder” is a member of a Union or an employee of an organization that has been issued a virtual Trades Wallet® by their Union or employer in order to store, track and manage their various cards, tickets and skills assessments online.

Using Trades Wallet®, your workforce can:

  • Submit and store tickets online, accessible 24/7 where they can never be misplaced or forgotten
  • Upload new tickets and certifications as you earn them
  • Receive notification 60-days before your cards expire and access training required to re-certify
  • Receive notifications of new training requested
  • Share active certifications via email

For more information about setting up your personal Trades Wallet® profile, click here.

My Union or organization is using Trades Wallet® – how do I get started?

If your Union or organization is using Trades Wallet®  to manage your cards and certifications online, you will have been assigned a virtual “Trades Wallet®”, used to store, manage and share your tickets with potential employers.

You should have received a ‘Welcome Email’ from Trades Wallet® with instructions on how to get started managing your personal Wallet profile online. You can click here to learn more about the benefits Trades Wallet® offers in managing your cards online and for instructions on how to download the Trades Wallet® Self Service app to your phone or device.
For additional assistance downloading or accessing the mobile Self Service app, reach out to our Customer Care team who will be happy to help you.

If you have questions about the contents or status of your personal Trades Wallet®, please contact your Union or organization directly.

What kind of training and level of support does Trades Wallet® offer?

At Trades Wallet®, we’re invested in your success! Our purpose is driven by creating efficiencies and transforming the way you work using our platform. As such, we have a dedicated Customer Care team available to ensure that you not only feel supported, but confident in implementing Trades Wallet® for your day to day certification management tracking.

Reference & Support

While we do offer a full suite of Knowledge Articles and Tutorial Videos for self-reference, our Customer Care team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MST via email or chat to provide support in real time.

On-boarding & Implementation

As mentioned, we’re dedicated to ensuring your experience with Trades Wallet® provides value right from the get-go. Our Customer Care team will work with you to understand your goals and potential pain points, in order to develop an implementation plan that is efficient and achievable!

While we prefer to meet with our clients 1:1, we are also able to accommodate online training sessions at your convenience.

And if you don't need any 1:1 help, know that we're here to answer any questions as they may come up.

Can Trades Wallet® integrate with other systems and software?

Yes. We have a robust API that allows for integration with your existing systems and can accommodate as new software is added. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re more than happy to chat about your integration needs.

Is Trades Wallet® Customizable?

Trades Wallet® Web Portal can be tailored to suit your organizations specific needs, from customizing courses for in-house learning to sharing data with trusted partners – you’re in complete control.

Who can access my data?

Trades Wallet® was developed with a strict focus on security as it applies to access to your valued information. Rich permissions within the Web Admin portal enable you to assign designated users to access only the information they need to interact with, and the exchange of “trust” with key stakeholders means you’re always in control over who has access to your data.

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