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If your Union or organization is using Trades Wallet® to manage your cards and certifications online, you will be assigned a virtual Trades Wallet®, used to store, manage and share your tickets with potential employers.

Using Trades Wallet® you can:

  • Store safety tickets and trade certifications securely online, accessible 24/7 where they can never be misplaced or forgotten
  • Use the mobile Self Service app to access your Trades Wallet® and upload new tickets and certifications as you earn them
  • Receive notifications 60 days before your certifications expire
  • Receive notifications when training is requested
  • Register for courses offered, or recommended by, your Union or employer
  • Share your certifications via email
  • Use Trades Wallet® Private Card feature to store and track personal items (i.e., subscription cards) 

You should have received a Welcome Email from Trades Wallet® with instructions on how you can begin managing your credentials online using our FREE! mobile Self Service app.


If you have not yet received your Welcome Email, or you have questions about the status or contents of your Trades Wallet®, please contact your Union or employer directly.

If you would like assistance getting started with Trades Wallet®, or if you're having technical issues setting up your Self Service app, please don't hesitate to reach out; our Customer Care team is always happy to help.

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8:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday

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